About - BIM

Holder Mathias has been working in BIM for nearly a decade. From our early adoption in 2012, when we began exploring the benefits and advantages of BIM on the design and delivery of major projects, to the successful delivery of projects to both BIM Level 1 and Level 2 standards. Our approach to BIM is not just an investment in software and technology – instead it is an invested cultural approach to realising and delivering best-value which is deep-rooted in our working methods and has been for many years.

Collaboration is key to delivering projects to this standard. Holder Mathias operates open and common workflows with all project stakeholders, leading to a collective and clear understanding. All our projects are commenced in Autodesk Revit, our BIM authoring software, to PAS1192 / ISO 19650 standards by default to ensure an integrated approach to the management of data, communication and efficient cost-effective design processes. We also have experience of several client and contractor specific standards and can quickly adapt as required to challenging and complex project environments.

The use of BIM has revolutionised the design process. We can quickly visualise ideas for internal or external design reviews and adjust schemes instantly and interactively in meetings, whether in a studio workshop or virtually online. We also offer immersive digital 3D walk-throughs to allow full exploration of the design at any stage for project stakeholders. As the scheme develops we use advanced coordination and clash-resolution tools to provide a streamlined and efficient coordination process that reduces the risk of additional costs and issues occurring on site.

Holder Mathias has a dedicated BIM manager who is focused on driving the use of BIM within the practice and can assist directly on projects where required. This role includes training, defining and maintaining protocols in line with PAS1192 requirements, maintaining standards and auditing working processes and outputs, in line with best-practice and Holder Mathias ISO 9001 accreditation for QA procedures. Our in-house IT support team maintains and regularly updates our hardware and software capabilities, server infrastructure and connectivity to maintain suitable bandwidth for remote-working and collaborative extranet / cloud operations.