Aims, Vision & Values

About - Aims, Vision & Values

With an established reputation for quality of design and personal service, Holder Mathias always aims to delight its clients, the community and its colleagues through everything it does.


QUALITY high quality design and service

  • high quality design in the broadest sense which creates value, is operationally successful and where client, community and end user delight is the priority
  • sustainable in terms of the practices’ environmental and social impact


OPPORTUNITY to enjoy work, fulfilling personal and practice ambition

  • a rewarding, enjoyable, creative environment offering individuals the opportunity to realise their potential, fulfil their personal ambition and, in doing so, contribute to the practice’s reputation
  • where financial returns fairly reflect our energy, commitment and skill together with the value that we create for clients


RESILIENCE a resilient, sustainable business on our terms

  • resilient financially where the practice meets its obligations and generates a profit
  • resilient, through partners sharing the generation of streams of work, geographically spread, from a broad client base operating in a range of sectors


STRATEGY to meet these aims and achieve the vision:

  • to be a creative professional practice operating as a sound, owner led, business
  • that generates a reputation for high quality architecture, urban design and master planning
  • and creates streams of work from clients in specialist sectors throughout Europe


Creativity     Enthusiasm     Integrity     Openness     Collaboration