Center Parcs Elveden Forest ride opening

20 Nov 2012

Leisure specialist, Holder Mathias in partnership with Water Technologies International, Inc. from the United States has successfully completed a world-first at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest. A new £4m adrenaline ride – the Tropical Cyclone – which combines two technologies that have never been combined before, was opened on November 21st.

The Tropical Cyclone is the culmination of a project that combines a Behemoth Bowl and a Tornado in one ride, for the first time anywhere in the world. Each four-person raft takes the riders on a water adventure that involves twisting, spiralling and zigzagging down 14m at speeds of nearly 40 km/h, reaching zero gravity before then returning to the main pool, as if being expelled through the mouth of a cave.

In contrast to the Tropical Cyclone, another new addition is a sub-tropical lagoon where the water is warmed, aerated and illuminated, mimicking a Mexican Cenote. Plants cover the rock walls while the 40 OC water makes the area one to discover and in which to relax.

Peter Gamble, senior partner of Holder Mathias commented:

“The Tropical Cyclone project was very challenging because we were exploring new technologies. In addition, the existing pool remained open throughout the summer while construction went on next to it. I am delighted that this project has now opened as it provides a fantastic added attraction to an already successful resort. Our relationship with Center Parcs continues to flourish, from WhinfellForest to the new resort at Woburn, we are now very pleased celebrate the opening of our latest assignment at ElvedenForest.”