The Evolution of Outlets – Room to Grow

26 Apr 2018

Peter Gamble attended the ICSC European Outlet Conference in Barcelona on the 25th April 2018. He participated in the panel discussion ‘The Evolution of Outlets – Room to Grow’, along with Michael Natas – McArthurGlen Group; Alistair Wood – AEG Europe; Jack Busby – Landsec and Richard Beasley – BWP Group.

Here is an extract from his introduction to the panel discussion:

“Together with my colleagues in Holder Mathias, I regard myself as a lucky individual; we spend our working lives designing places for people to enjoy themselves. We are fortunate to have worked with many outlet developers throughout Europe, including two on this panel, over the last twenty years designing for their customers; completing eight outlets, with a further four moving towards construction. But in parallel with this we have been creating places that millions of people in the UK look forward to going to every year; places where they enjoy the wide range of activities to be found at Center Parcs and our other clients in the leisure sector.

Holder Mathias offers a unique blend of creativity and experience in two complementary specialist areas; outlet retailing and leisure. The exciting thing for us is the way that they appear to be moving closer together.”